Welcome to the new Kaminski Auctions DéCoR blog.  We hope to introduce those of you, who are new to the auction experience, to the wonderful world of antique furniture, and decorative objects that will compliment your modern décor and make it so much more interesting.

Each month Kaminski Auctions hosts a monthly estate sale where you will find treasures to finish a room you are currently decorating, or the inspiration to redesign a room with a whole new theme.  From rugs to lamps, furniture, art work, decorative objects or a conversational piece of history, you will find it all.

Although the auction experience can be intimidating to the newcomer, it does not take long to become a seasoned pro in understanding the auction process. Our staff will walk you through each step of the way, from bidding on the Internet to setting up a phone or left bid.  To experience the real thrill of the chase, we highly recommend you be there in person.



Each blog post will show you how you can save money and buy a truly wonderful piece of furniture, art or history for your home and at the same time help the environment by embracing the “Antiques are Green” movement by reusing, reducing and recycling.The carbon footprint of an 1880’s mahogany dresser is far less than that of a dresser from a large catalogue store,  and you don’t have to spend your  weekend putting it together. That dresser will end up in a landfill in 5-10 years, while the mahogany dresser will be handed down through generations.

This blog will show you that the designs you see at the big chain stores are all inspired by the original designs that you will find at Kaminski Auctions.  The DéCoR blog will show you how a little bit of history, when mixed with your modern furniture, will make it so much more of an inspired décor.

Kaminski Auctions located on the North Shore of Boston has been serving the New England antiques market for over 25 years, as a full service auction house and appraisal service for fine art, antiques and estates.

With two locations in Beverly, Massachusetts, including a new state of the art auction gallery located at 117 Elliott Street, and a historic 1850’s barn and office facility at 564 Cabot Street Kaminski Auctions hosts 16 auctions a year.

In today’s highly competitive market of fine art and antiques, Kaminski Auctions provides its customers with bicoastal services and marketing with west coast offices in Beverly Hills and San Diego, California.