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Who doesn’t love a fabulous chandelier? I recently found this post from a fellow blogger that introduces an interesting new way to incorporate ornate light fixtures into your décor: Painted Chandeliers!

It’s a little adventurous but why not try it? Beautiful and elegant chandeliers are always featured in our monthly estate auctions, and at reasonable prices. More importantly, the items we offer at Kaminski Auctions are more unique than any object you will find at a big-name catalogue store.

Here are a few examples from recent sales:

As this blogger suggests, try spray-painting the chandelier to add a pop of color to any interior space. And if you are looking for something subtler, you can certainly achieve a similar effect without making the chandelier the centerpiece of the room.

Try a fresh white or another soft neutral color and experiment with different lampshades. Or, choose a shade within the room’s color family to tie your décor together. Chandeliers are a fun thing to incorporate into any room in your home—and think beyond the living room or dining room! Put one in your bedroom or make a statement with a wonderful painted chandelier in your front hall.

And if a chandelier is just a little too much for your space but you still think a colorful light fixture would be perfect, you could even spray paint a pair of simple metal sconces, like these that we sold at our June Estate sale:

Be creative: lighting doesn’t have to be just functional, it can be exciting and whimsical too.

Decorating a seaside home this year ….be sure to check out our yearly Nautical sale which takes place every summer in July.  It features wonderful, and affordable decorative objects and paintings with a nautical theme…the perfect time to acquire a marine painting . A wonderful antique nautical painting of a sailboat or a schooner in a gilt framed over the mantel can set the tone of the entire room.

From blog, “for the love of the house” (

I love an all white interior in a beach house  with the fresh clean look of  navy blue or marine blue as the primary accent color.   Add other nautical touches like an antique brass telescope or a ship model and you can almost feel the ocean breeze off the water….

A modern way to include these old paintings in todays decor is to use them in a non traditional way, such as an accents over twin beds, a nautical chart as wallpaper for a childs room or a study, or as the focal point of a modern wall display. It is always so much more interesting to mix an antique piece with other modern wall objects to create the juxtaposition of old and new in a your decor.

I love how this designer has placed this painting over the kitchen sink, again using it in a non traditional context.

And see how this ship model under glass becomes the focal point of a very minimally decorated modern dining room.  Always consider scale when trying to make a statement in a room.  This oversize ship model is the only decorative object you need for this dining room to shout “nautical” .

The following lots are just a few of the amazing nautical items on offer at our next auction taking place July 14th at the beautiful Devereaux Family Estate at 291 Nahant Road starting at 10:00 Am.   Preview for this exciting sale is Thursday and Friday, July 12th from 10:00 am- 5:00pm and July 13th from 10:00am -7:00pm and day of sale beginning at 8:00am.   Be sure to stay tuned to in the next few days  when we post our July 14th  On-Site Auction in Nahant. There, you can preview lots for the sale–and you are sure to find some amazing nautical antiques to include in your own décor.

I saw this wonderful chair at the North Shore Design Show and it gave me the idea to research how to use beautiful, old mahogany furniture in a modern home:


This is a great updated look for an antique shield back mahogany chair with a wonderful plaid upholstered seat cover !

(source : Eric M. Haydel Design, INC- seen at the North Shore Design Show, 2012)

An easy change is adding a modern fabric to the chair. But now, people are going so far as to strip the chairs and paint the wood. Although it is surprising, the brown furniture market is very depressed right now due to the strength of the mid-century modern aesthetic.


I love this look I found online of a refurbished Hepplewhite chair with a wonderful Jonathan Adler type fabric …such a clean, fresh way to update this centennial chair.

(source: Your Modern Couple Blog,

Painted mahogany chairs with a country pine table, a sideboard painted a different color with a fabulous antique chandelier that dresses up the whole room…what an inspired décor !

(source: Morgan Harrison Home, from

At Kaminski Auctions, we always have an incredible selection of chairs and dining room sets that you can purchase for reasonable prices.

Lot # 7118- Eight oak Chippendale style chairs -June 16th Estate Auction

Lot #7126: 6 Mid 18th Century French Chairs- June 16th Estate Auction

Why not bid on a timeless set of antique mahogany chairs and personalize them for your own home’s décor? I love the idea of painting chairs for your dining room, but you could also do the same for accent furniture in any other room of your home.

Lot # 7234: 3 Mahogany Chairs- June 16th Estate Auction

There was a time many years ago when mahogany chairs would sell for several hundreds of dollars per chair …today with the interest in modern design, you can purchase a complete set of chairs for the same price!

With all the Snow White movies hitting the nation’s cinemas, it reminded me of what an important role mirrors play in our home decor. Mirrors can make a small room appear larger, reflect and spread light, highlight the view, and add a lovely decorative touch to any living space.

We always have a large selection of mirrors available in our monthly Estate Auctions. From neoclassical to French trumeau to modern, and everything in between. We usually have a large selection and they go for very reasonable prices.

Imagine some of these objects in your own home. Perhaps above a small table in your entryway, above a mantel, or in a dining room:


Lot #6118: 18th Century Italian Baroque Hand Painted Mirror (98.5″h x 48.5″w)


Lot #6127: Late 19th Century Giltwood over mantle mirror (26″ x 62″)


Lot #6177: 19th Century Italian Carved Giltwood Mirror (35″ x 27″)


Lot #6228: Black and Gold Painted Mirror with Garland Element (40″h x 31″w)

Think outside the box of all the ways mirrors can be used to complete or update a room. All of the above mirrors will be up for sale in our June 16th Estate Auction. We invite you to join us at this, or any one of our sales, to discover an inspiring mirror to incorporate into your interior decor.

I love the idea of putting an oversized mirror behind a bath tub:

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate an interesting piece of antique furniture for use in your own home?

Take this lovely early 19th century Salem federal mahogany upholstered sofa (32.5″ h x 83″ l x 29″d) that recently arrived in our gallery as an example. This particular piece will be up for sale at our June Estate Auction on the 16th (lot #6024).


With just a few easy updates, you can personalize this antique to match your unique decorating taste. Try adding a simple slip cover in a soft color, then use accent pillows to personalize. Mix and match solids and patterns, and have fun with different textures and fabrics!

On a recent trip to the North Shore Design Show, Diane was inspired by this look:


We love the use of a slip cover with ties, as it allows you to highlight the beautiful antique mahogany while also giving you the opportunity to modernize the sofa–better yet, you can easily remove and wash it!